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Tops 45rpm Extended-play record

Tops Records was a Los Angeles-based record label owned by Tops Music Enterprises, both founded in 1947 by Carl L. Doshay and Sam Dickerman. After a prolific and profitable run, Tops merged with PRI Records in 1958, which in turn, sold to a group of investors in 1960, then went bankrupt in about 1962. Its assets — which included a huge library of recordings — were sold to Pickwick Records, a label that had been its main competitor throughout the 1950s.[1] Pickwick's assets were purchased by PolyGram Records in the late 1970s. In 1990, Tom Ficara and Combined Artists acquired the Tops / PRI catalog.

Selected staff[edit]

  • Carl L. Doshay (1917–2010), founder and president
  • Sam Dickerman (1915–2000), founder and vice president
  • Corky Carpenter (pseudonym of Amos Randolph Carpenter; 1922–1986), A&R
  • Harold Spina, A&R
  • Dave Pell, producer


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