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SpouseKöchü Khatun (Buka Ujin)
Tode Mongke
DynastyGolden Horde
FatherBatu Khan

Toqoqan was a member of the ruling family of the Mongol Empire. He was a son of the Khan of the Golden Horde, Batu. Through his father, he was also a great-grandson of the Mongol emperor Genghis Khan. Though Toqoqan never reigned himself, many subsequent Khans were descended from him.[1]

His chief wife was Köchü Khatun, also known as Buka Ujin of the Oirats.[2] Her father (or possibly brother) was Buqa-Temür, who was himself a grandson of Genghis Khan through his daughter Checheikhen.[3][4]

Toqoqan had five sons, of whom the eldest, Tartu, became father of the Khan Talabuga. Two further sons, Mengu-Timur and Tode Mongke, both by Köchü Khatun, were also Khans of the Golden Horde.[5]

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