Tor–Kwerba languages

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New Guinea
Linguistic classification One of the world's primary language families
Glottolog None

The Tor–Kwerba languages are an independent family of Papuan languages proposed in 2005 by Malcolm Ross. All the languages had been part of Stephen Wurm's 1975 Trans–New Guinea proposal, but he did not recognize them as a unit, retaining Kwerba within Capell's 1962 Dani–Kwerba proposal.


The Tor and Kwerba families are clearly established. When classified together two relative isolates are included, as well as two languages of more dubious relationship.


Orya (Uria)

Tor family

? Sause

 Greater Kwerba 

? Mawes

 Kwerba  family

? Isirawa

Sause is a holdover from earlier classifications. Its inclusion is uncertain, and was not addressed by Ross.

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