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xB Browser
Developer(s)Xero Networks AG[1] & Steve Topletz[2]
Initial releasev., 19 September 2006 (2006-09-19)
Final release
v3.9.10.24[3] / 24 October 2009; 13 years ago (2009-10-24)
Operating systemWindows[3]
Available in30[4]
TypeWeb browser

xB Browser (formerly known as TorPark[5] and Xerobank browser[6]) was a web browser designed to run on both the Tor and XeroBank anonymity networks, and is available as component of the xB Machine[6] and the xB Installer.

It is designed for use on portable media such as a USB flash drive,[7] but it can also be used on any hard disk drive.[8] As such, a secure and encrypted connection to any of the Tor or XeroBank routers can be created from any computer with a suitable Internet connection,[8] and the browser clears all data that was created on the portable drive upon exit or on demand.[7]

In March 2007 it was reported that the xB Browser was downloaded 4 million times[7] and in February 2008 over 6.5 million downloads making xB Browser the most popular anonymous browser on the Internet.[9]


Steve Topletz co-released Torpark v. with CULT OF THE DEAD COW/Hacktivismo on 19 September 2006[10][11] after more than one year of development based on Portable Firefox web browser with built in support for Tor[1][4] and using the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System.[citation needed] In 2007 it was redesigned from scratch.[citation needed]

A cross-compatible version for Mac OS X and Linux was being developed based on xB Machine, due to be available in August 2008,[12] but the development seems now abandoned.

Network usage[edit]

Tor network[edit]

xB Browser routes Internet traffic through several onion servers, obscuring the originating IP address and encrypting the data.[7] Other applications such as Pidgin can be routed through the Tor network via xB Browser by directing the applications' traffic to a SOCKS proxy at localhost, port 9050. This port can be changed via xB Config, an INI generator for xB Browser.

XeroBank network[edit]

xB Browser is optimized for use on the XeroBank anonymity network, which is a private and commercial broadband network operated by Xero Networks AG.[12] The XeroBank network routes traffic through at least two multi-jurisdictional hops.[citation needed] In contrast to Tor, the XeroBank network supports both TCP and UDP protocols, performs channel multiplexing for low observability, is run by a single entity and costs money to use. The XeroBank network is accessible via SSH and OpenVPN protocols. xB Browser internally manages a SSH connection to XeroBank, but will recognize and submit to OpenVPN connections.


Besides the anonymous networks, xB Browser uses following add-ons:


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