Tora (Anna Vissi album)

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Studio album by Anna Vissi
Released February 12, 1988
Recorded 1987 - 1988
Label CBS Greece
Producer Nikos Karvelas
Anna Vissi chronology
I Epomeni Kinisi
Singles from Tora
  1. "1988 Ki Akoma S' Agapo"
  2. "Tora"
  3. "Ta Mathitika Hronia"
  4. "Ta Koritsia Einai Atakta"
  5. "Magiko Hali"
  6. "Den S' Allazo"

Tora is the name of a 1988 music album by singer Anna Vissi. It was released in Greece and Cyprus by CBS Greece.


The lead single "1988 Ki Akoma S' Agapo" was well received by radio stations, rising to the top of the charts. The song is considered a classic Greek ballad and a pop standard. After the release of other top 5 singles, the song "Ta Mathitika Hronia" was released. It became a big hit and remains one of Vissi's most recognizable songs from the 80's. Another hit from the album was "Ta Koritsia Einai Atakta". Later that year, Vissi started a popular radio program named after that song, receiving critical acclaim. The radio program lasted until 1992.

The album itself was successful, selling enough to become one of the top albums of 1988 in Greece. Its longevity throughout that year was noteworthy, as Vissi was releasing one hit after another.

In 1996, a remastered version of the album was released on CD.


Music and lyrics are by Nikos Karvelas and Anna Vissi.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "1988 Ki Akoma S' Agapo" (1988 and I still love you)
  2. "Mono To Sex De Ftani" (Only sex is not enough)
  3. "Kipseli" (Beehive)
  4. "Ta Koritsia Einai Atakta" (Girls are naughty)
  5. "Magiko Hali" (Magic carpet)
  6. "Ta Mathitika Hronia" (Student years)
  7. "Mono Mia Nihta" (Just one night)
  8. "Tora" (Now)
  9. "Den S' Allazo" (I don't change you)
  10. "Skandali" (Trigger)

Credits and personnel[edit]

Credits adapted from the album's liner notes.[1]


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