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Torgeir Schjerven (born 28 August 1954) is a Norwegian author and lyric poet. Schjerven trained as a painter and has illustrated children’s books. He has worked as a film actor in such films as Lasse & Geir (1976), directed by Svend Wam and Petter Vennerød) and Det tause flertall - The silent majority (1977, directed by Svend Wam). He was also involved in writing the script for these movies.[1][2][3]

In 1995 Schjerven was one of the finalists for the Nordic Council's Literature Prize for the novel Omvei til Venus.

Torgeir Schjerven is married to the author Inger Elisabeth Hansen.



  • Vekk – poetry (1981)
  • Nettenes melk – poetry (1986)
  • Tanker og andre personlige bedrifter – poetry (1989)
  • En nåde uten mål – poetry (1998)
  • I anledning dagen – poetry (2002) (An oral edition published in 2003 was read by the author himself.)
  • Den stødige tilstundelsen av jubel i virkelig trist musikk – poetry (2006)


  • I det blodige blå – novel (1984)
  • Omvei til Venus – novel (1994)

Children’s book[edit]



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