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Tori Fixx is one of the first openly gay hip hop artists, and also produces music for other noted queer performers. He is based in Minneapolis.


In the mid-90s, he DJed at parties for Prince at Paisley Park Studios in Minnesota.[1]

After moving to San Francisco circa 1997,[2] he became a part of the hip hop group Rainbow Flava and appeared on their second CD, Digital Dope.[3] He released the first of six solo CDs to date in 1998.[2]

Fixx was living again in Minneapolis in 2001[4] but paid a visit back to the Bay Area to appear in the 2003 PeaceOUT World Homo Hop Festival in Oakland.[5]

Fixx's music appeared on the soundtrack of the 2004 film The Ski Trip.[6]

He appeared in the 2005 documentary Pick Up the Mic about the LGBT hip hop scene; he had produced music for or worked with half of the artists in the film.[2] His CD Marry Me was named as one of The Advocate's top 10 indie CDs for 2005;[7] the title song was a commentary on same-sex marriage[8] and it was nominated for a 2005 Outmusic Award for Out Song of the Year.[9]

Fixx produced fellow gay rapper Johnny Dangerous' CD Dangerous Liaisons; Fixx released it on his label US 2, and it was nominated for a 2004 Outmusic Award for Outstanding New Recording - Male.[10]

In 2007, Tori Fixx was part of the "HomoRevolution Tour 2007"[6] and appeared on The Tyra Banks Show along with Deadlee and Foxxjazell.[11] His CD Code Red marks 10 years of being an openly gay hip hop artist.[2]

Late in 2008 he released Couture, which he had planned to have cover more political topics, but it turned towards the personal after a relationship break-up.[12]


Year Title
1998 Impact[2]
2000 The Mochasutra
2001 REfixx
2003 Black.Out
2004 Marry Me
2007 Code Red
2008 The Couture

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