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Toribash logo.jpg
Developer(s) Nabi Studios
Publisher(s) Nicalis
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Wii
  • WW: March 2, 2006
Genre(s) Turn-based fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Toribash is a turn-based game 3D third-person tactical martial art using physics-based attacks. The game was created by Hampus Söderström, a Swedish software developer, in 2006, and was a "Best Game Idea" finalist at that year's Swedish Game Awards.[citation needed]

The game is freeware. The newest version of Toribash is 5.02.[1] A WiiWare version was released in the PAL region on July 9, 2010 and in North America on July 12, 2010.[2] Toribash was released on Steam on May 20, 2014.[3]


The game is mainly played by manipulating the various joints on the player's doll-like character over turn-based sequences to execute movements. These movements primarily include relaxing, holding, contracting and extending of the player model's neck, pecs, elbows, wrists, abdomen, glutes, hips, knees and ankles; raising and lowering the shoulders, tilting the lumbar left and right, and grabbing and un-grabbing of the hands.

The game features singleplayer and multiplayer, where movements are executed in turn-frames of varying lengths within set match-frames. The game is heavily sand-box based.

The game also includes character customization (the appearance of heads, hair, joints, and limbs may be changed), online multiplayer, a ghost showing a preview of what the current joint settings will do to the ragdoll, and the saving and sharing of replays. Players can also use their own custom textures on the body parts. The online multiplayer also has a ranking system for each colored belt, which ranges from the lowest belt (White Belt) to the highest belt (Elite Belt). Elite Belt is pretty much impossible to get, but players are able to create their own belts once they gain Custom Belt. The game includes mods like Aikido, Judo, parkour mods, sparring mods etc. Toribash also has game rules that change physics. In the game rules menu, you can change gravity, and other things. Players who join the site's official forum can buy and equip items of their choice, by trading or receiving them in various tourneys and events. Players can also join clans and organizations, by contacting other players in the forum. The forum also can be a place to chat, share replays, participate in events that give prizes, etc.


Toribash has been reviewed by PC Gamer UK, PC Gamer and PC Format, receiving 87%, 68% and 90% respectively.[4][5]


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