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This article is about the location. For the fictional character, see Undertale.

Toriel is located in Mansoura City, Dakahliya Governorate, Egypt.[1]

Toriel is in the east region of Mansoura City. It is triangular in shape. One side is bordered by Suez Canal Street, another is bordered by the Nile River, the base is bordered by the Gedila Region. At the apex is the Governorate headquarters.

Toriel is one of the calmest and most scenic areas in Mansoura. Many of the people who live in this area belong to upper-class.[1]

The most important religious centers are Farid El-Masry Mosque, Seten Mosque, El-Malek El-Kamel Mosque, and El-Azraa' Church.

The education centers in Toriel include Mansoura Language School, El-Malek El-Kamel Secondary School, El-Malek EL-Saleh Preparatory School, El-Nile Primary School, Qlongeel Primary School, Ahmed Zwiel Preparatory School, and El-Horia Primary School.

Toriel's squares include El-Saneya Square and El-Malek El-Kamel Square.

Important places include the Governor's Villa, the Police and Security commander villa, and the Vice minister of Water Resources and Aggregation villa.


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Toriel is also a character in Undertale.

She is the mom of the game through. Her phone was eaten by a dog.