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Torii Kiyohiro (鳥居 清広, d. c. 1776) was a Japanese artist of the Torii school of ukiyo-e artists.

Kiyohiro's date of birth is unknown.[1] The Ukiyo-e Ruikō lists Kiyohiro's death date as 1776. No other evidence of this date is known.[2]

Kiyohiro's personal name was Shichinosuke (七之助). He lived in the Sakaimachi area of Edo (modern Tokyo). He was registered as a student of Torii Kiyomasu I and likely studied under Torii Kiyonobu II or Torii Kiyomasu II.[2] Ernest Fenollosa considered him "of almost equal ability with" his contemporary Torii Kiyomitsu, and speculated they may have been brothers.[3]

Kiyohiro's first known work appeared about 1751,[4] and the last about 1764. All of his known works are benizuri-e, and though the Torii school was known for its yakusha-e actor prints, Kiyohiro also specialized in bijin-ga prints of female beauties.[2] He specialized in designing prints in the large ōban size.[4]


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