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Hiroshige's print of Toriimoto-juku, part of The Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaidō series

Toriimoto-juku (鳥居本宿, Toriimoto-juku) was the sixty-third of the sixty-nine stations of the Nakasendō. It is located in the north of Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

Even today, there are remnants of the former post town around. If you enter from the north, you pass by a pine colonnade that leads to the still-standing buildings.[1] Toriimoto-juku was able to flourish as a post town with its one honjin and two secondary honjin because it was part of other pathways, including the Chōsenjin Kaidō,[1] which connected the post station with Musa-juku.

Neighboring post towns[edit]

Banba-juku - Toriimoto-juku - Takamiya-juku


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Coordinates: 35°17′03.9″N 136°17′02.3″E / 35.284417°N 136.283972°E / 35.284417; 136.283972