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Wok leheyek
Torit توريت is located in South Sudan
Torit توريت
Location in South Sudan
Coordinates: 04°24′29″N 32°34′30″E / 4.40806°N 32.57500°E / 4.40806; 32.57500
Country South Sudan
StateTorit State
CountyTorit County
Municipality19 August 2013
615 m (2,018 ft)
 (2014 Estimate)
 • Total138,960
 • Summer (DST)+3GMT
A 2011 Torit postmark showing the new style of South Sudanese postmarks.

Torit is a city in South Sudan.


The city is located in Torit County in Torit State,[1] in the southeastern part of South Sudan, close to the International border with the Republic of Uganda. Its location lies approximately 150 kilometres (93 mi), by road, east of Juba, the capital and largest city in that country.[2] The coordinates of Torit are:4° 24' 28.80"N, 32° 34' 30.00"E (Latitude:4.4080; Longitude:32.5750).


Pajok is the Payam seat of Magwi County. It is also the Payam of Eastern Equatoria State, one of the ten (10) states which constitute South Sudan. The town boasts of an airport, two hospitals, several primary schools and two secondary schools. The main road from Juba, South Sudan to [Pogee], Uganda, passes through Magwi also the alternative road to Kenya via Torit passes through Lokiciogyo town.


In 1955 there was a slaughter in Torit during an Equatoria Corps riot.[3] In 1964 the military government in Khartoum closed "all the Christian mission schools" in the area[4] Torit was upgraded to Municipality status administered by a mayor on August 19, 2013.[5]


The population of Torit was estimated at about 20,050, in 2004,[6] and, according to census results, 33,657 in 2008.[7]

Points of interest[edit]

The following points of interest are found in Torit:

  • Fr Saturlino Ohure Mausoleum
  • The offices of Torit Town Council
  • The headquarters of Torit County
  • The headquarters of Eastern Equatoria State
  • Dr John Garang Memorial Secondary School, Torit
  • Torit Day Secondary School
  • Torit East Primary School
  • Torit Hospital
  • Torit State Hospital
  • The Juba-Lokichogio Road - The road, which is the primary land route to and from Kenya, passes through Torit
  • Torit Airport - A small civilian airport
  • Lomoliha Market - The central market for the town.
  • Johnson Akio Secondary School
  • Fr. saturlino Ohure Secondary School



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Coordinates: 04°24′29″N 32°34′30″E / 4.40806°N 32.57500°E / 4.40806; 32.57500