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Industry Unicycle
Founded California
Headquarters Kent, Washington
Parent Seattle (Accell)
A Torker unicycle.
Torker Giraffe Unicycle

Torker is a brand of bicycles and unicycles currently owned by Seattle Bike Supply, headquartered in Kent, Washington.[1]


The Torker name was created by Johnson Engineering in Fullerton, CA in 1977 for a BMX bike frame.[2] The first Haro bikes were made by Torker.[3] In 1982, Torker let go Bob Haro when he introduced his own line of BMX racing pants.[4] In 1984, the Torker Bicycle Company went bankrupt, and Seattle Bike Supply purchased the name.[5] BMX bikes with the Torker name were made from the late 1970s into the 2000s.[6][7] Torker's product line expanded to include beach cruisers, tandem bikes and even unicycles. Reader's Digest nominated Torker unicycles as "America's 100 Best" for 2006,[8] and Torker was awarded BEST OF 2006 in the December issue of Seattle Magazine.[9] Seattle Bike Supply was acquired by Accell in 2006.[10]

BMX team[edit]

Torker sponsored a BMX racing team that included such riders as:

Kelly McDougal Jason Jenson


The Torker line currently includes bicycles, unicycles, strollers, and trailers.[11]


The bicycles include adult (men's and women's), children, tandem, and cruisers.


The unicycles include ones with 16", 20", 24", 26", and 29" wheels, a 5' giraffe, and a 20" trail. Beginner Unicycles, CX Unistar: 16' 20" and 24" Intermediate Unicycles, LX Unistar: 20", 24", 26" Trials Unicycles, DX Unistar: 20" and 24" Giraffe Unicycle, TX Unistar: 20".[12]


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