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Torleif Aasgaard (29 April 1888 – 20 June 1953) was a Norwegian businessperson.

He was born in Kristiania as a son of Carl Johan Johnsen Aasgaard (1854–1929) and Anna Marie Jensen. He was a younger brother of judge Reidar Aasgaard. In 1914 he married teacher's daughter Alette Hesselberg.[1]

He finished his secondary education in 1906 and graduated from Kristiania Technical School in 1909. He then spent some time in England and Germany to study the steel industry.[1][2] His father owned and led the metal manufacturing company C. Geijer & Co,[3] and Torleif Aasgaard was hired as manager in 1911. He later took over the company, as chief executive and chairman.[1] Leadership was passed on to Tor and Iver Aasgaard in 1952.[3]

He played football for SFK Lyn, and later chaired the club. He served as the first chairman of Oslo District Association of Skiing.[2] He was also a board member of Jern- og Metallvarefabrikantenes Landsforening from 1939 to 1948.[1] He died in June 1953 and was buried at Vår Frelsers gravlund.[4]


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