Tornado (Coney Island)

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Coney Island
Coordinates 40°34′26″N 73°58′44″W / 40.574°N 73.979°W / 40.574; -73.979Coordinates: 40°34′26″N 73°58′44″W / 40.574°N 73.979°W / 40.574; -73.979
Status Removed
Opening date 1926 (1926)
Closing date 1977 (1977)
Cost $250,000
General statistics
Type Wood
Track layout Twister
Height 71 ft (22 m)
Length 2,970 ft (910 m)
Inversions 0
Builders Frank Darling
Frank Prior
Fred Church
LaMarcus A. Thompson
Tornado at RCDB
Pictures of Tornado at RCDB

The Tornado (formerly known as Bobs) was a roller coaster located at Coney Island along Bowery Street in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Designed by Fred Church and built by the L. A. Thompson Company, the roller coaster cost $250,000 to build and opened in 1926. Much like the neighboring Coney Island Cyclone, it was a hybrid design consisting of a wooden track and steel structure.

In 1977, much of the coaster was damaged by arson and the coaster was completely demolished in April 1978.

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