Tornado outbreak of March 10–12, 1986

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Tornado outbreak of March 10–12, 1986
TypeTornado outbreak
DurationMarch 10–12, 1986
41 confirmed
Max. rating1F4 tornado
Duration of
tornado outbreak2
3 days
Casualties17 fatalities, 179 injuries
Damage≥$25 million (1986 USD)
Areas affectedCentral, Eastern United States and Southern United States
1Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale
2Time from first tornado to last tornado

The tornado outbreak of March 10–12, 1986[1] was a significant and widespread tornado outbreak which produced a high-end F2 tornado which struck Lexington, Kentucky and killing a total of 6 people. Other tornadoes struck in Alabama, Indiana, and Ohio.[2][3][4] One tornado rated F4 in Meridian, Mississippi resulted in no fatalities. [5][6]