Torneo Gran Alternativa (2010)

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Torneo Gran Alternativa (2010)
PromotionConsejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL)
DateApril 16, 2010
April 23, 2010
April 30, 2010[1]
CityMexico City, Mexico[1]
VenueArena México[1]
Event chronology
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Homenaje a Dos Leyendas
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54. Aniversario de Arena México
Torneo Gran Alternativa chronology
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The Torneo Gran Alternativa (2010) was a professional wrestling annual tournament produced by Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) and took place over three shows between April 16 and April 30, 2010 in Arena México, Mexico City, Mexico. The Torneo Gran Alternativa ("Great Alternative tournament") is an annual tournament where an established CMLL veteran teams up with a Novato or rookie in a tag team tournament, although at times the Novato is not so much a rookie, but either a wrestler who has been given a new ring character or has never participated in the Gran Alternativa before. The format of the tournament was changed for the 2010 tournament, traditionally it featured 8 tag teams and a one night tournament, but in 2010 it featured 16 teams, split over three CMLL Super Viernes shows. Héctor Garza and Pólvora won the tournament, defeating Volador Jr. and Delta in the finals.


The tournament featured 15 professional wrestling matches under elimination rules, which means that you are eliminated if you lose a match. The teams were created specifically for the tournament, with no teams having worked together on a regular basis before, and in the past has not wrestled as a regular team after the Gran Alternativa is over. The tournament incorporated pre-existing scripted feuds or storylines. Wrestlers portrayed either villains (referred to as Rudos in Mexico) or good guys (Técnicos in Mexico) as they competed in wrestling matches with pre-determined outcomes.


Block A[edit]

On April 7, 2010 CMLL announced the Novato participants for Block A of the 2010 Gran Alternativa tournament, featuring three wrestlers that had been involved in the 2009 torneo Gran Alternativa, ending a two-year practice that stated that you could not wrestle as a novato in the tournament if you had participated in a previous year's tournament. The returning novatos are Rey Cometa, Pólvora and Camorra. The five first time novatos were announced as Sensei, Diamante, Cancerbero, Inquisidor and Disturbio.[1] When the full card for the April 16, 2010 CMLL Super Viernes show the full teams for Block A were announced as Diamante & La Sombra, Blue Panther and Rey Cometa, Héctor Garza and Pólvora, La Máscara and Sensei, Atlantis and Inquisidor, El Terrible and Disturbio, Mephisto and Cancerbero and finally Rey Bucanero and Semental who replaced Camorra. Block A was won by Héctor Garza and Pólvora.[2]

Block A
Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Rey Cometa and Blue Panther[2] Winners
  Semental and Rey Bucanero  
Rey Cometa and Blue Panther  
Héctor Garza and Pólvora[2] Winners
  Sensei and La Máscara  
  Héctor Garza and Pólvora[2] Winners
Héctor Garza and Pólvora [2] Winners
Diamante and La Sombra  
  Diamante and La Sombra[2] Winners
  Cancerbero and Mephisto  
Diamante and La Sombra[2] Winners
Inquisidor and Atlantis  
  Inquisidor and Atlantis[2] Winners
  Disturbio and El Terrible  

Block B[edit]

Block B of the 2010 tournament took place on April 23, 2010, and the announced teams were: Delta (Novato) and Volador Jr., Guerrero Maya Jr. (Novato) and Valiente, Ángel Azteca Jr. (Novato) and Shocker, Pegasso (Novato) and Toscano, Raziel (Novato) and Averno, Durango Kid (Novato) and El Texano Jr., Puma King (Novato) and Último Guerrero and the team of Tiger Kid (Novato) and El Felino. Of note in Block B is the fact that Raziel has been a professional wrestler since 1996 but changed from the character Caligula to Raziel in late 2009 and thus is being billed as a Novato by CMLL. Block B also features Tiger Kid teaming up with his uncle El Felino, the only two wrestlers to have any sort of relationship going into the tournament. Block B was won by Delta and Volador Jr.[3]

Block B
Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Puma King and Último Guerrero[3] Winners
  Pegasso and Toscano  
Puma King and Último Guerrero[3] Winners
Durango Kid and El Texano Jr.  
  Durango Kid and El Texano Jr.[3] Winners
  Ángel Azteca Jr. and Shocker  
Puma King and Último Guerrero  
Delta and Volador Jr.[3] Winners
  Tiger Kid and El Felino  
  Delta and Volador Jr.[3] Winners
Delta and Volador Jr.[3] Winners
Raziel and Averno  
  Guerrero Maya Jr. and Valiente  
  Raziel and Averno[3] Winners


The finals was contested under "best two out of three falls" rules and took place on the April 30, 2010 Super Viernes. Pólvora and Héctor Garza defeated Delta and Volador Jr. two falls to one, in 23:46 to win the 2010 Gran Alternativa.[4]


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