Torneo Plácido Galindo

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Torneo Plácido Galindo
Founded 1989
Region  Peru
Number of teams 42
Current champions Defensor Lima
Most successful club(s) Defensor Lima (1 title)

The Torneo Plácido Galindo was a knockout competition played by 42 football teams.



The Torneo Plácido Galindo was played during the 1989 Copa América with only Peruvian Primera División teams. The 42 clubs were divided into 5 groups and the top teams advanced to the quarterfinals. Although Defensor Lima won the tournament, they qualified to Regional II's Liguilla Playoffs.


Season Champion (title count) Runner-up Semifinalists
1989 Defensor Lima (1) Universitario Alianza Lima
Unión Huaral

Titles by club[edit]

Club Winners Runners-up Winning years Runners-up years
Defensor Lima 1 0 1989

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