Torneo del Nordeste

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Torneo del Nordeste
Sport Rugby union
Instituted 1999
Number of teams 10
Country  Argentina
Holders Mar del Plata Club (2013)
Most titles Sporting Club (4 titles)

The Torneo del Nordeste, commonly known as the Torneo del NEA, is a regional rugby union competition in Argentina.

The competition started in 1999 and involves clubs from the unions of Formosa and Misiones.

This annual tournament has traditionally been dominated by Resistencia clubs. As in other inter-provincial tournaments, such as the Torneo del Litoral or Torneo del Noroeste, the best clubs from the Torneo del Nordeste qualify for the national level Torneo del Interior.


The Torneo del Nordeste includes 10 teams competing for the provincial title. All the champions are listed below:


Year Champion(s)
1999 Aranduroga
2000 Taraguy
2001 Taraguy
2002 Taraguy
2003 Cazadores Posadas
2004 Taraguy
2005 Taraguy
2006 Taraguy
2007 Taraguy
2008 Club Universitario del Nordeste
2009 Club Universitario del Nordeste
2010 Regatas Resistencia
2011 Aranduroga
2012 Club Universitario del Nordeste
2013 Club Universitario del Nordeste

Titles by club[edit]

Team Number of titles Years won
Taraguy 7 2000-2007
Club Universitario del Nordeste 4 2008-2013
Aranduroga 2 1999-2011
Regatas Resistencia 1 2010
Cazadores Posadas 1 2003


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