Toro Muerto

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Toro Muerto
Toro Muerto Archaeological site - petroglyph (llama).jpg
Petroglyph of a llama
Toro Muerto is located in Peru
Toro Muerto
Shown within Peru
LocationCastilla Province, Arequipa Region, Peru
Coordinates16°13′20″S 72°30′28″W / 16.22222°S 72.50778°W / -16.22222; -72.50778Coordinates: 16°13′20″S 72°30′28″W / 16.22222°S 72.50778°W / -16.22222; -72.50778
FoundedApproximately 900
CulturesWari culture

Toro Muerto (English: Dead Bull) is a collection of ancient petroglyphs in the Peruvian coastal desert, found in the Castilla province in the region Arequipa in Peru. The site contains some 3000 volcanic rocks with petroglyphs dating back to the Wari culture, [1] active from 500 to 1000 CE. The Wari (Spanish: Huari) were a Middle Horizon civilization that flourished in the south-central Andes and coastal area of modern-day Peru.[2]


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