Toro Rosso STR8

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Toro Rosso STR8
Jean-Eric Vergne 2013 Malaysia FP1.jpg
Category Formula One
Constructor Toro Rosso
Designer(s) James Key (Technical Director)[1]
Predecessor Toro Rosso STR7
Successor Toro Rosso STR9
Technical specifications[2]
Chassis Moulded carbon fibre composite monocoque incorporating front and side impact structures
Suspension (front) Upper and lower carbon wishbones, torsion bar springs and anti roll bars, Pushrod suspension
Suspension (rear) Upper and lower carbon wishbones, torsion bar springs and anti roll bars, Pullrod suspension
Engine Ferrari Type 056 2,400 cc (2 L; 146 cu in) V8 (90°) naturally-aspirated, 18,000 RPM limited with KERS, mid-mounted
Transmission Red Bull Technology 7-speed hydraulic semi-automatic paddle shift
Power 750 + 80 hp (559 + 60 kW) with KERS
Weight 642 kg (including driver and camera)
Fuel Shell V-Power
Lubricants Shell Helix
Tyres Pirelli P Zero (dry), Cinturato (wet)[3]
Competition history
Notable entrants Scuderia Toro Rosso
Notable drivers 18. France Jean-Éric Vergne[4]
19. Australia Daniel Ricciardo[4]
Debut 2013 Australian Grand Prix
Races Wins Podiums Poles F.Laps
19 0 0 0 0

The Toro Rosso STR8[5] (initially referred to as the Toro Rosso STR08)[6] is a Formula One racing car designed and built by Scuderia Toro Rosso for use in the 2013 Formula One season. It was driven by Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Éric Vergne,[4] both of whom drove for the team in 2012.[7] This is the last Toro Rosso car for the engine to be named as Ferrari that have powered the team since 2007, before they could used Renault engine for 2014 Formula One season. This was also the last Toro Rosso car to be used V8 engine, before replaced V6 engine for 2014.

Complete Formula One results[edit]

(key) (results in bold indicate pole position; results in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year Entrant Engine Tyres Drivers Grands Prix Points WCC
2013 Scuderia Toro Rosso Ferrari Type 056 P Jean-Éric Vergne 12 10 12 Ret Ret 8 6 Ret Ret 12 12 Ret 14 18 12 13 17 16 15 33 8th
Daniel Ricciardo Ret 18 7 16 10 Ret 15 8 12 13 10 7 Ret 19 13 10 16 11 10

Driver failed to finish the race, but was classified as they had completed greater than 90% of the race distance.


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