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Toronto Aeros
City Toronto, Ontario
League National Women's Hockey League
Founded 1999
Home arena Iceland Mississauga in Mississauga and MasterCard Centre in Etobicoke
Colors white, blue
General manager Barb Fisher
Head coach Dan Lichterman
Captain Tessa Bonhomme
Alternate captains:
Jennifer Botterill

The Toronto Aeros were a professional women's ice hockey team that played in Toronto, Ontario. The team played in the Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL) since 2007, its inaugural season as the Mississauga Chiefs. The team played its home games in Iceland Mississauga in Mississauga and MasterCard Centre in Etobicoke. The team ceased operations after the 2009-10 CWHL season, after which a new Toronto team titled the Toronto Furies was established.

Team history[edit]

The Toronto Aeros played in the CWHL since its formation in 2007. This team established in 1998 as the Beatrice Aeros (named after their sponsor, Beatrice Foods Canada). The Aeros played in the National Women's Hockey League. On March 22, 1998, Dana Antal scored at 5:31 of a 10-minute overtime period on a pass from Jennifer Botterill as Team Alberta (represented by the Calgary Oval X-Treme) defeated Team Ontario (represented by the Beatrice Aeros) by a 3-2 mark to win the Esso Nationals.[1]

During the 1999-2000 NWHL season, the Beatrice Aeros played the Sainte-Julie Pantheres in the championship game. In the second game of the final, Cherie Piper scored the game-winning goal with 9:06 left to play in the first period, and Lauren Goldstein earned the shutout for the Aeros.[2] With the 1-0 win, Beatrice earned the championship based on goal differential.

The team changed its name in 2003 to become the Toronto Aeros. In 2006-07 they relocated to Mississauga and changed their name to the Mississauga Aeros. They played their home games at the Beatrice Ice Gardens at York University in Toronto. In CWHL, the team was called the Mississauga Chiefs for 2 seasons (2007–08 and 2008-2009). The team adapted the name Toronto Furies after the 2011 Clarkson Cup.


List of NWHL Championship Cup won 1998 to 2007[edit]

  • 1998-99 - Fran Rider Cup (second place at Esso Women's nationals)
  • 1999-2000 - Beatrice Aeros vs Sainte-Julie Panthères, hosted in Brampton
  • 2000-01 - Beatrice Aeros vs Sainte-Julie Panthères
  • 2001-02 - Beatrice Aeros vs Brampton Thunder
  • 2004-05 - Toronto Aeros vs Montreal Axion, hosted in Brampton


in National Women's Hockey League (NWHL):

in Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL):

Year by year
Year GP W L T GF GA Pts
1998-99 40 37 2 1 189 39 75
1999-2000 40 35 3 2 217 37 72
2000–01 40 35 2 3 222 48 73
2001–02 30 23 2 5 149 39 51
2002–03 36 32 3 1 201 54 65
2003–04 36 33 2 1 197 42 67
2004–05 36 24 8 4 142 68 54
2005–06 36 13 19 4 114 127 32
2006–07 21 15 6 0 107 51 31
2007–08 30 21 8 1 115 61 43
2008–09 26 16 8 2 n/a n/a 34
2009–10 30 21 8 1 n/a n/a 43
2010–11 26 8 13 5 83 98 21

Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, GF = Goals for, GA = Goals against, Pts = Points.

Season standings[edit]

= Indicates First Place finish
= Indicates championship
Year League Reg. Season Playoffs
1998-99 National Women's Hockey League 1st Overall, Western Division elimined in first round
1999-2000 National Women's Hockey League 1st Overall, Western Division Won the NWHL Championship
2000-01 National Women's Hockey League 1st Overall, Western Division Won the NWHL Championship
2001-02 National Women's Hockey League 1st Overall, Western Division Won the NWHL Championship
2002-03 National Women's Hockey League 1st Overall, Central Division Finalist, lost the final game
2003-04 National Women's Hockey League 1st Overall, Central Division eliminated in first round
2004-05 National Women's Hockey League 2nd, Central Division Won the NWHL Championship
2005-06 National Women's Hockey League 4th, last position in Central Division no participation to playoff
2006-07 National Women's Hockey League 2nd (one division now) elimined in first round
2007-08 Canadian Women's Hockey League 2nd, Central Division lost final[3]
2008-09 Canadian Women's Hockey League 3rd (one division now) Finalist, lost final game
2009-10 Canadian Women's Hockey League 2nd (one division) elimined in first round

Last roster (season 2010-11)[edit]

Number Player Former Team Hometown
31 Canada Allison Cubberley Elmira College Bracebridge, Ontario
30 Canada Kendra Fisher Humber College Kincardine, Ontario
1 Canada Sami Jo Small Canadian National Team Winnipeg, Manitoba
Number Player Former Team Hometown
25 Canada Tessa Bonhomme Canadian National Team Sudbury, Ontario
19 Canada Britni Smith Port Perry, Ontario
18 United States Alexandra Hoffmeyer Detroit,Michigan
12 Canada Martine Garland University of New Hampshire Toronto, Ontario
5 Canada Jessica Clermont Niagara University Port Elgin, Ontario
4 Canada Michelle Bonello Mercyhurst College Mississauga, Ontario
2 Canada Haleigh Callison University of British Columbia Smithers, British Columbia
Number Player Former Team Hometown
96 Canada Kelly Zamora Wayne State University Oshawa, Ontario
67 Canada Rebecca Davies St. Francis Xavier University Toronto, Ontario
44 Canada Kori Cheverie Truro, Nova Scotia
27 Canada Kristy Zamora Brown University Oshawa, Ontario
17 Canada Jennifer Botterill Canadian National Team Winnipeg, Manitoba
16 Canada Frances McPhail Vancouver, British Columbia
15 Canada Angela Di Stasi Concordia University Toronto, Ontario
14 Canada LaToya Clarke University of Minnesota Pickering, Ontario
11 Canada Melanie Mills Pusclinsh, Ontario
9 Canada Jennifer Brine Harvard University Truro, Nova Scotia
6 Canada Meagan Aarts Maine University Wattford, Ontario
Canada Carly Haggard[4] Port Alberni, British Columbia

Last coaching Staff ( season 2010-11)[edit]

  • General Manager: Barb Fisher
  • Head Coach: Dan Lichterman
  • Assistant Coach: Joanne Eustace
  • Assistant Coach: Bartley Blair
  • Equipment Manager: Lester Tiu
  • Head Athletic Therapist : Jennifer Bushell
  • Assistant Athletic Therapist: Sharon Welsby
  • Student Athletic Therapist: Carrie Alderdice

Notable former players[edit]

# Player Hometown Status
91 Canada Geraldine Heaney (D) Weston, Ontario Retired
14 Canada Cherie Piper (F) Scarborough, Ontario Playing for the Brampton Thunder
8 Canada Angela James (C) Toronto, Ontario Senior Sports Coordinator at Seneca College in Toronto
77 Canada Cassie Campbell (F) Brampton, Ontario Journalist for the CBC Sports
71 Canada Becky Kellar (D) Hagersville, Ontario Playing for the Burlington Barracudas
9 Canada Gillian Ferrari (D) Thornhill, Ontario Retired
11 Canada Cheryl Pounder (D) Toronto, Ontario Retired
17 Finland Sari Krooks (F) Retired
34 Canada Nicole Corriero (F) Thornhill, Ontario Retired


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