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Not to be confused with Toronto Comic Con.
Toronto ComiCON
Status active
Genre Comic books, Science Fiction, Anime, Horror, Gaming
Venue Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Location(s) Toronto, Ontario
Country Canada
Inaugurated 2001
Most recent ongoing
Organized by Hobbystar Marketing, Inc.
Filing status For profit

Toronto ComiCON is a series of semi-annual comic book conventions held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, since 2001. Hobbystar (who also run Fan Expo Canada) hold fall, spring, and winter one-day comic book conventions called the Toronto ComiCON at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. From 2004-2011, the spring event was referred to as the "Fan Appreciation Event" and included free admission held in conjunction with participating Toronto-area comic book stores such as the Silver Snail. Since 2007 the annual spring Toronto ComiCON has been a multi-day event, in 2012 it expanded to incorporate the annual March Toronto AnimeCon (MTAC).


Year Fall Spring Winter Notes
2001 TK TK TK
2002 TK TK TK
2003 TK TK October 19
2004 February 29 May 2 (Fan Appreciation) October
2005 February 6 April 22 (Fan Appreciation) November 13
2006 February 5 April 23 (Fan Appreciation) October 22
2007 February 4 April 13–15 (Fan Appreciation) October 21
2008 February 3 April 12–13 (Fan Appreciation) November 30
2009 February 1 April 18–19 (Fan Appreciation) November 22
2010 February 28 June 5–6 (Fan Appreciation) November 21
2011 February 1 April 9–10 (Fan Appreciation) November 20
2012 TK March 10–11 November 25
2013 TK March 9-10 TK


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