Toronto Gore Township, Ontario

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Toronto Gore within Peel County.

Toronto Gore (also the Gore of Toronto) was a township in Ontario, Canada. It is today split between Mississauga and Brampton.


Toronto Gore came into existence as a township in 1831 (1831) when it was separated from Chinguacousy Township. In 1867 it became part of Peel County when that county was split from York County. A small wedge-shaped tract of land, Toronto Gore was located on the east of the county, on the border with York.[1] It was south of Albion Township, east of Chinguacousy Township, and northeast of Toronto Township (now Mississauga). Later, the southern portion of the township was annexed to Toronto Township, and finally in 1973 the remainder was incorporated into the City of Brampton.

Several historical villages were once located within Toronto Gore, including Claireville, Ebenezer, Castlemore, Wildfield and Coleraine. However, only small remnants like churches and cemeteries of these former villages exist. Wildfield remains the only community to maintain its unique identity while the rest have been completely overtaken by suburban developments.

The name lives on in the name of the provincial and federal electoral district of Bramalea—Gore—Malton as well as the local roads "Goreway Drive" and "The Gore Road".

Toronto-Gore, along with Goreway Drive might have been named for Sir Francis Gore, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. A more likely derivation is from the shape of the tract or its origin: a gore is a triangular piece of land in British usage and a small strip or tract of land lying between larger divisions in US usage.

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Coordinates: 43°47′39″N 79°42′37″W / 43.79417°N 79.71028°W / 43.79417; -79.71028