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1921–22 Toronto Granites. Top row, left to right: H. Westerby, D.T. Prentice, H.E. Beatty, W.J. Lumbers, F. Carroll. Second row: H.S. Smith, Dr. J.M. Sheldon. Third row: H.E. Watson, D.B. Munro, A.J. McCaffrey, H.J. Fox, D.J. Jeffrey. Bottom row: F.G. Sullivan, E.J. Collett, A.E. Romeril, R.F. Anderson, J.T. Aggett.

The Toronto Granites were an amateur senior ice hockey team from Toronto, Ontario. The Granites were Allan Cup champions in 1922 and 1923. They were chosen to represent Canada at the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France. The Granites won the second consecutive Olympic gold medal for the Canada national men's ice hockey team.[1]


Formed in the 1880s, the Granites were the first organized ice hockey team in Toronto. The ice hockey team was an offshoot of the Toronto Granite Curling Club, which still exists today as The Granite Club. At first, games were only exhibitions, such as visits from teams in Ottawa or Montreal, or local competition from the Caledonia Rink or other curling clubs which formed ice hockey teams, with no championships or tournaments. The team joined the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) for the 1890–91 season. The team would play in the OHA until 1924, adding a junior club in 1893, which continued until 1923.

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