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Toronto Independent Music Awards, otherwise known as the TIMAs, is an independent awards ceremony, showcase series and seminar founded in 2004 by Dani Oliva.


The award aims to support independent musicians, and to serve as a platform for up-and-coming independent artists across the province of Ontario, Canada and abroad. The ultimate aim is to give independent artists a hand by providing industry sponsored prizes and community support. Each year, the TIMAs award $60,000 in custom prize packages to winners in over 22 categories across all genres.[1] Award winners are selected by a grand jury of industry professionals including Jully Black, Bif Naked, Lucas Silveira, Barry Haugen, Joshua Ostroff and many more.[2] Award winners KAI, JD ERA, God Made Me Funky, JAFFA ROAD, DALA, Rich Kidd, and many more, have gone on to sign with major and independent labels such as Warner Music Canada, ICE H2O Canada, Six Shooter, tour internationally, and win Junos.


A full recipient list is available on the Toronto Independent Music Awards website [3]

The awards became a bi-annual award ceremony in 2009. The 2009-2010 edition took place on July 23, 2010, and included the artist Darrelle London.[4]

The 2012 award winners included the artists Zoo Legacy and Philly Moves, both of Ottawa.[5]

The 2008 award winners included the artists Angie Nussey [6][not in citation given]

The 2006 award winners included Angie Nussey [7][not in citation given], Layah Jane [8][not in citation given].

The 2005 award winners included the artists Angie Nussey [7][not in citation given] and God Made Me Funky[citation needed]


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