Toronto Marathon

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Toronto Marathon
LocationToronto, Ontario,  Canada
Event typeRoad
DistanceMarathon, Half marathon, 10K, 5K
BeneficiaryPrincess Margaret Hospital Foundation
Course recordsMen's: 2:15:17 (2000)
Morocco Mostafa El Damaoui
Women's: 2:31:47 (2004)
Russia Olga Kovpotina
Official siteToronto Marathon
Participants1,486 (2019)

The Toronto Marathon, held annually in May, is a race from Mel Lastman Square, in the north end of Toronto, to Ontario Place. The race was initially called the Canadian International Marathon, and was first held in 1995 under its current organizer. The origins of the event trace back to 1977. In 2003, its name was changed to the Toronto Marathon. In 2008, it was again renamed for a new primary sponsor, GoodLife Fitness. It was held previously on the third Sunday in October, the first Sunday after Canadian Thanksgiving, for 16 consecutive years. Because of concerns that the Toronto Waterfront Marathon was being held three weeks prior lead to too many road closures, the Toronto Marathon is now run in May, beginning in 2011.[1] The event was temporarily held mid-May in 2011, due to other events in the City of Toronto that year. The event is now held on the first Sunday in May, beginning in 2012.

In addition to a full marathon, the event also includes a half marathon, a 10K run, a 5K run, and an eight-person relay across the marathon course. The marathon meets international standards and is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.


In 2018 the Toronto Marathon was accused of having an incorrect distance. Participants believed that the marathon course was 43km even though it was supposed to be 42.2km. The organizers claim that this is not true and that "the distance is 100 per cent correct" [1] Also it was believed by some runners that the 5km race was actually 3.5km, and there were other complaints such as runners being misdirected, and runners sharing the Martin Goodman Trail with other trail users. [2]

List of Marathon winners[edit]

Year Winner men Nationality Time Winner women Nationality Time
2019 Ken Langat  Canada 2:28:52 Dale Findlay  Canada 2:54:00
2018 David Freake  Canada 2:33:57 Julie Hamulecki  Canada 2:52:10
2017 Peter Kemboi  Canada 2:41:06 Michelle Spencer  Canada 3:00:30
2016 Bryan Rusche  Canada 2:35:54 Julie Hamulecki  Canada 2:56:04
2015 David Le Porho  Canada 2:21:54 Jutta Merilainen  Finland 3:00:45
2014 Brendan Kenny  Canada 2:26:25 Rachel Sinasac  Canada 2:55:18
2013 Terry Gehl  Canada 2:37:31 Mylene Sansourci  Canada 2:58:22
2012 Brendan Kenny  Canada 2:27:57 Jutta Merilainen  Canada 2:47:17
2011 Brendan Kenny  Canada 2:27:19.2 Melissa Begin  United States 2:54:50.9
2010 Brandon Laan  Canada 2:23:38.1 Nathalie Goyer  Canada 2:52:50.5
2009 Paul Rugut  Kenya 2:26:08.6 Elizabeth Randell  United States 2:57:53.8
2008 Daniel Njenga  Kenya 2:29:00.0 Dawn Richardson  Bermuda 2:57:46.8
2007 Charles Bedley  Canada 2:21:58.8 Leslie Black  Canada 2:58:47.0
2006 Anthony Skuce  Canada 2:34.10 Nicole Stevenson  Canada 2:47.09
2005 David Cheruiyot  Kenya 2:17.12 Lioudmila Kortchaguina  Canada 2:37.17
2004 Procopio Hernández  Mexico 2:16.42 Olga Kovpotina  Russia 2:31.47
2003 Lemi Chengere  Ethiopia 2:25.55 Angela Batsford  Canada 2:55.04
2002 Michal Kapral  Canada 2:30.40 Karen Cowling  Canada 2:56.13
2001 Jackson Omweri  Kenya 2:22.22 Karen Cowling  Canada 2:56.02
2000 Mostafa El Damaoui  Morocco 2:15.17 Jennifer Cooper  Canada 2:59.04
1999 Manuel Salvati  Canada 2:28.25 Allison McKenzie  Canada 2:59.50
1998 Nick Tsioros  Canada 2:41.49 Carolyn Walker  Canada 3:07.57
1997 Peter Fonseca  Canada 2:28.26 Gaylene Pridham  Canada 2:58.24
1996 Paul Mbugua  Kenya 2:20.33 Kim Webb  Canada 2:37.52
1995 David O'Keefe  United States 2:23.15 Laura Ruptash  Canada 2:49.19

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