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The Toronto Police Services Board is the civilian oversight of the Toronto Police Service. It was called the Metropolitan Toronto Police Services Board from 1990 until 1998 and the Metropolitan Toronto Police Commission from 1955 until 1990 when the name of the body was changed as a result of amendments to the Police Services Act.[1]

The Board consist of a chair, members from Toronto City Council, and members of the public. As of 2015, members of the board are: Alok Mukherjee (chair), Andrew Pringle (vice-chair), Mayor John Tory, Dhun Noria, Frances Nunziata, Marie Moliner, Councillor Chin Lee and Councillor Shelley Carroll.[2]

As set out by the Police Services Act there are seven members of the board: three of whom are appointed by the provincial government; one is the Mayor of Toronto (or a designate); two of whom are members of Toronto City Council; one is a citizen selected by Toronto City Council.


Metropolitan Toronto Police Commission

Metropolitan Toronto Police Services Board

Toronto Police Services Board


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