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Old Toronto Post Office / Old Bank of Canada
Toronto Street Post Office - Bank of Canada Building, Toronto, Ontario.jpg
10 Toronto Street
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Built 1853
Original use Post office
Current use Office building
Architect Cumberland & Ridout
Architectural style(s) Greek Revival
Designated 1958

The Toronto Street Post Office, also known as Toronto's seventh Post Office, is a 1851–1853[1] heritage building in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located at 10 Toronto Street in downtown Toronto. The building was designed by Frederick William Cumberland and Thomas Ridout in the Greek Revival style.[1]

It served as a post office until 1872 and as a government office building until 1937.[1] It was then used by the Bank of Canada until 1959, when it became the head office of E. P. Taylor's Argus Corporation, which was subsequently controlled by Conrad Black.[1] It was here that Conrad Black was taped removing boxes of documents from the office.

The building was sold to Morgan Meighen & Associates, an independent Canadian investment manager, in 2006 for C$14 Million. They were one of 200 bidders for the property, which sold for C$1,800 per sq. foot, roughly three times the price of a typical building in downtown Toronto.[2]

In 1958, the building was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.[3][4] In 2006, it was designated by the City of Toronto under the Ontario Heritage Act (By-law 182-2006).[5]

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