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Toronto Tool Library and Makerspace
LocationToronto, Ontario
Coordinates43°38′23″N 79°26′26″W / 43.639671°N 79.440546°W / 43.639671; -79.440546, 43°41′03″N 79°19′07″W / 43.684200°N 79.318675°W / 43.684200; -79.318675, 43°40′51″N 79°25′52″W / 43.680739°N 79.431167°W / 43.680739; -79.431167, 43°39′00″N 79°23′51″W / 43.649987°N 79.397534°W / 43.649987; -79.397534
Access and use
Population served2,615,060 (2012) [1]
Other information
DirectorRyan Dyment
WebsiteThe Toronto Tool Library

Toronto Tool Library (TTL) is a tool library system based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[2] Tool libraries loan specialized tools for both experienced and inexperienced community members who are interested in home repair, maintenance, building projects, community projects, gardening and landscaping.[3] In The Kitchen Library, small to medium-sized appliances are loaned for cooking and baking, serving equipment, culinary workshops. It partnered with the Toronto Public Library in 2015.[4]


In 2012, TTL was founded by Ryan Dyment and Lawrence Alvarez.[5] TTL received its first grant from the Centre for Social Innovation and started a registered non-profit arm called the Institute for a Resource Based Economy (IRBE) in 2012.[6] In March 2012, a tool lending library was established in Toronto west at the Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre, 1499 Queen Street West, Toronto.[7] In 2012, a tool lending and Makerspace with a wood shop, laser cutter, 3D printers, workshops and community gatherings was established in Toronto East at 1803 Danforth Avenue, Toronto.[8] In October 2013, a Makerspace was established in the East End of Toronto. In 2013, the TTL offered its first annual Alternative Gift Fair.[9] In 2014, TTL sold $1000 bonds to fund its social change.[10] In March 2015, TTL held a 54-Hour Hackathon, which gave participants training in hardware startups.[11] The TTL partnered with the Toronto Public Library to open a brand new Tool Library on April 30, 2015 at the Downsview Public Library branch of the TPL, located at 2793 Keele Street. [12]

TTL is supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Pioneer +TO, countless tool donors and volunteers.[13]


The Toronto Tool Library is governed by a Board composed of eight citizen members.[14]



The tool library adapted Share Starter's free "Tool Library Starter Kit" [15] which includes start up guidelines, frequently asked questions, and sample documents. The library uses "Local Tools" from ", PBC", a web-based inventory management system to track tool library members and to automatically display the tool availability online.[16] The library has loaned over 12,000+ specialized tools from power drills and ladders to pressure washers and roto-tillers to community members with all skill levels welcomed.[17] The inventory of equipment includes automative, bike, carpentry and woodworking, electrical and soldering, home maintenance, metalworking, plumbing, remodelling, safety equipment, sustainable living, yard and garden. The types of equipment include: network equipment, books, camping, cars, googles, helmets, handtools, packages, power tools, wheelbarrows & wagons.


The TTL offers affordable workshops open both to Tool Library members and the public on tool related skills and projects. In the Intro to Tools workshop, participants built a planter box; while in Routers 101, attendees created a cutting board.


The Toronto Tool Library technology services include public access 3D Printing.[18] In addition, Laser -Cutting and CNC Router Services are available at TTL.[19]

Tool Ninja[edit]

The Toronto Tool Library offers “Tool Ninjas” whereby experts in a variety of tools and trades – 3D printing, Laser cutting, Furniture design, renovations are partnered for mentorship in tool use or hiring for a job.[20]


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