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The Toronto Transportation Services, formerly Metro Roads and Works, is a division of the municipal government of Toronto. It is responsible for all public and non-provincially maintained roadways in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Organization and responsibilities[edit]

The department was created from the merger of:

Before amalgamation, Metro Toronto Transportation was responsible for major roads across Metro, while the municipalities were in charge of collector and local roads in their respective areas.

Transportation Services is divided into 4 service districts and 2 central services sections: Toronto East York, North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke York, Traffic Management Centre and Transportation Infrastructure Management. The Transportation Services Division is responsible for:

Snow removal[edit]

The TTSD is responsible for snow removal on public roads, sidewalks and other public areas:

  • Total kilometres of ploughed sidewalks: 6,000
  • Total number of opened driveways: 262,000

A variety of city and contract staff/equipment are used for snow removal:

Average snowfall in the city is 130 cm per year with 40 to 50 days of de-icing events per year.

The city uses 10,220 tonnes of salt used in one storm; an average of 146,275 tonnes of salt is used each year (based on a ten-year average). The city's snow removal budget is over $60 million a year (2006 Winter Operations Budget: $62.5 million)

The Transportation Services is also responsible for a wide variety of activities include:

  • Road and sidewalk maintenance
  • Street cleaning
  • Permits for on-street parking, construction and street events
  • Traffic signs and pavement markings
  • Traffic signals and traffic safety
  • Red light camera operations
  • Construction planning and policies
  • Pedestrian and cycling issues

Traffic and Road Operations Sections[edit]

The Traffic and Road Operations Sections of Transportation Services are responsible for the following municipal matters:

Traffic Management Centre[edit]

The Traffic Management Centre consists of the Traffic Safety, Traffic Plant Installations and Maintenance, and Urban Traffic Control Systems units. These units are responsible for:

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