Toronto Tridents

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Toronto Tridents
Full name Ukrainian Sports Club Toronto Tridents
Nickname(s) The Tridents

Toronto Tridents (Ukrainian Sports Club Toronto Tridents, Ukrainian: УСК (Український Спортовий Клуб) «Тризуб» (Торонто), USK (Ukrainskyi Sportovyi Klub) "Tryzub" (Toronto)) is a Canadian soccer team based in Toronto. The club was founded by Ukrainians that had been settled in Toronto after the second world war.


The club has had a very storied history, considering it was formed by the Ukrainian diaspora group. The team played in the National Soccer League until 1960.


Year Division League Regular Season Playoffs
1953 "1" NSL 3rd
1954 "1" NSL 6th
1955 "1" NSL 7th
1956 "1" NSL 4th
1957 "1" NSL 6th
1958 "1" NSL 9th
1959 "1" NSL 11th
1960 "1" NSL 13th




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