Toronto Zen Centre

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Toronto Zen Center
Basic information
Location 33 High Park Gardens
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6R 1S8
Affiliation Sanbo Kyodan
Architectural description
Founder Philip Kapleau
Completed 1972

The Toronto Zen Centre (or, Toronto Zen Center), is a Sanbo Kyodan Zen Buddhist practice center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is modeled after the Rochester Zen Center. They offer introductory workshops in Zen Buddhism. The Toronto Zen Centre offers a couple of unique Buddhist course in Loving Kindness Meditation and periodically offers Mastering Breath Awareness or an MBA.


Founded initially by Philip Kapleau in 1972 as the Toronto Buddhist Centre, the center went on to eventually be incorporated as the Toronto Zen Centre in 1986.[1] Currently the abbot of the Vermont Zen Center - Sensei Sunyana Graef [2] (Dharma heir of Philip Kapleau [3]) is directing the centre's spiritual path while Sensei Taigen Henderson is the Abbot or Roshi of the centre.[1]

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