Tororo Rock

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Tororo Rock
Highest point
Elevation 4,865 ft (1,483 m)
Prominence 977 ft (298 m)
Coordinates 00°41′06″N 34°11′01″E / 0.68500°N 34.18361°E / 0.68500; 34.18361Coordinates: 00°41′06″N 34°11′01″E / 0.68500°N 34.18361°E / 0.68500; 34.18361
Tororo Rock is located in Uganda
Tororo Rock
Tororo Rock
Map of Uganda
Location Tororo, Tororo District, Uganda
Mountain type Volcanic plug

Tororo Rock is a rock formation located in the town of Tororo in eastern Uganda.


The rock is situated approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) southeast of the central business district of the town. The coordinates of the rock are:00 41 06N, 34 11 01E (Latitude:0.6850; Longitude:34.1836).


It is reported that Tororo Rock is visible from anywhere in Tororo District. There is saying in Tororo: "The Eiffel Tower is to Paris as the magnificent Tororo Rock is to Tororo District.[1] The rock is a major tourist attraction.


The highest altitude of Tororo Rock is 4,865 feet (1,483 m) with a gradient of about 0.75 from the east to the west. On the rock's slopes are ancestral caves and various rock paintings.[2] The elevation of Tororo Town is 3,888 feet (1,185 m). Therefore, Tororo Rock towers 977 feet (298 m) above downtown Tororo.

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