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A torpedo is a self-propelled explosive projectile that operates underwater.

Torpedo may also refer to:




  • Formerly a naval mine, a stationary explosive device placed in water, to destroy vessels
  • land torpedo, an obsolete term for land mine
  • "Aerial torpedo", a naval term for early flying bombs and pilotless aircraft weapons
  • Aerial torpedo, a self-propelled torpedo dropped into the water from aircraft
  • Bangalore torpedo, an explosive device for land use
  • Human torpedo, also called "Chariot", a variety of swimmer delivery vehicle of World War II


  • Torpedo wagon, also known as a bottle wagon, a tank car design to carry molten steel
  • Torpedo (car), an early form of usually large touring coachwork with smooth shape from front to rear
  • Railroad torpedo, a device to warn approaching trains upon entering protected trackage
  • Narco torpedo, a type of clandestine towed underwater barge used for illicit cargos
  • Pontiac Torpedo, a full-sized car produced by Pontiac from the 1940 through the 1948 model years



Other uses[edit]

  • Torpedo (petroleum), explosive used in an oil well to start or increase the flow of oil
  • Torpedo, Pennsylvania
  • "Torpedo", 1920s slang for a hit man or "hired gun"
  • "Torpedo", in American cigar slang, a cigar with a pointed tip, also called a pyramid or belicoso
  • A type of drinking game (see shotgunning)
  • A US beer keg with a capacity of 5.23 US gallons
  • "Torpedo" is a famous German Typewriter brand