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Not to be confused with Torphin.
Torphins Primary School

Torphins (/tɔːrˈfɪnz/ tawr-FINZ;[1] Scottish Gaelic: Tòrr Fionn) is a village in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland which lies about 23 miles west of Aberdeen. It is situated on the A980, about 7 miles north-west of Banchory, and was once served by the Great North of Scotland Railway.

With a population of around 1500 it is one of the larger villages in Deeside, though it is not as large as Aboyne.


The village has many facilities including a primary school (with about 250 pupils attending each year), a large park with play area, a car dealer, two tennis courts, a bowling green and a doctor's surgery. There are also a variety of shops in Torphins including a charity shop, a Scotmid store, a funeral directors, a Chinese takeaway and a chemist. There is a Church of Scotland church, which is part of the Mid Deeside United Churches alongside those in Kincardine O'Neil and Lumphanan. Torphins also has its own Town Hall - the Learney Hall. It also has a public house, the Learney Arms, which was originally part of a hotel. The hotel and pub was closed with plans to turn the building into a residential dwelling, despite local objection. The pub was later reopened but the hotel remains closed.

Torphins was home to a War Memorial Maternity Hospital. As a result, many notable people from Deeside have been born in Torphins. The building, however, has recently become a GP clinic, and no longer offers maternity facilities.

There is a 9-hole golf course located about a mile outside of Torphins.[2]

Public transport[edit]

The Stagecoach Bluebird 201 and 202 buses provide service to Aberdeen. There are other infrequent connections on the 413, and the Royal Mail PB74 postbus.


Torphins is home to the local amateur football team, Torphins AFC.[3] Torphins also has a tennis club,[4] a lawn bowls club[5] and a seasonal curling rink.[6]


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