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Torpo Church and Torpo Stave Church

Torpo is a small village in Ål municipality, in Buskerud County, Norway. Torpo is located in Hallingdal between the municipal centers of Ål and Gol. The village has 405 inhabitants per 1 January 2009. Previously Torpo was a stopover on the Bergen Railway. The station, which is in Art Nouveau style, is closed but still standing.

Torpo is the site of two notable churches. Torpo Church (Torpo kirke) was built in 1880 using plans by architect A. Keitel Moss based on a design by Conrad Fredrik von der Lippe. It was constructed of wood and has 200 seats, In the 1960s it was restored with plans drawn up by architect Peter Helland-Hansen. [1]

Torpo stave church is the biggest attraction in the village. Torpo stave church was built around 1190 - 1200 . It has a steady stream of visiting tourists during the summer.[2]


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Coordinates: 60°40′N 8°43′E / 60.667°N 8.717°E / 60.667; 8.717