Torre Caney

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Torre Caney
General information
Type Residential
Location Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Coordinates 18°26′54.56″N 69°56′44.04″W / 18.4484889°N 69.9455667°W / 18.4484889; -69.9455667Coordinates: 18°26′54.56″N 69°56′44.04″W / 18.4484889°N 69.9455667°W / 18.4484889; -69.9455667
Construction started 2005
Completed 2008
Roof 178 meters
Technical details
Floor count 42
Design and construction
Architect Ing. Jesús Rodríguez Sandoval
Developer Rodríguez Sandoval & Asociados

Torre Caney is the Second tallest building in Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic.[1] Torre Caney is one of the tallest building in the Caribbean region After The Residential Tower Anacaona 27 Located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Which consist of 60 Floors And Construction Is Going to be Complete On Fall of 2017. Torre Caney consist of 42 stories and is 178 m (584 ft) tall.[1] It is located along Anacaona Avenue, an area of increasing development in Santo Domingo And Consists Of The Tallest Buildings In The Country and The Caribbean.


Construction started in 2005 by the Rodriguez Sandoval firm in the Dominican Republic and was completed by 2008.[1] This company has completed numerous projects including other Dominican skyscrapers like; Aquabella, Torre Carib, Torre Pedro Enrique Ureña, and the famous Malecon Center.


Torre Caney has been the most ambitious project to date in the Dominican Republic. The building includes a three story lobby, indoor parking and a gymnasium. Also, the roof accommodates a heliport and a pool. Each single floor Apartment has 853 m2 (9,182 sq ft) of space of which there are 31.


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