Torre Ejecutiva Pemex

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Torre Ejecutiva Pemex
Torre Ejecutiva Pemex in December 2006
General information
Status Complete
Type Office
Location Mexico City
Coordinates 19°26′21″N 99°10′29″W / 19.4391°N 99.1748°W / 19.4391; -99.1748Coordinates: 19°26′21″N 99°10′29″W / 19.4391°N 99.1748°W / 19.4391; -99.1748
Construction started 1976
Completed 1982
Antenna spire 214 m (702 ft)
Roof 211.3 m (693 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 54
Floor area 165.000 m²
Lifts/elevators 27
Design and construction
Architect Pedro Moctezuma Díaz Infante[1]
Developer Robledo Construcciones e Instalaciones S.A de C.V.

The Pemex Executive Tower (Spanish: Torre Ejecutiva Pemex) is a skyscraper in Mexico City. The 214 meter (211 meters to top floor) international style tower was built between 1976 and 1982. Since the building's opening, it has been occupied by state-owned Pemex, one of the largest petroleum companies in the world.


Torre Ejecutiva Pemex.

The Torre Ejecutiva Pemex originally proposed to replace two 14-story towers built between 1967 and 1970. Later, these buildings were replaced by a pair of 26-story towers to house Pemex's administrative offices. However, the 1980s oil boom demanded office space growth and Pemex decided to build a single 52-story tower in a downtown lot with a huge plaza covering an underground avenue. The building is anchored to the ground, rests on 164 concrete and steel piles that penetrate to a depth of 35 meters surpassing the old filling swampy lake to reach firmer ground. In addition, its x-braced structure features 90 shock-absorbers to minimize oscillations from earthquakes. The tower was completed in 1982, but the surrounding plaza was never completed.

The Torre Ejecutiva Pemex remained the tallest building in Mexico for almost 20 years,[1] until August 2003, when the 55-story Torre Mayor was completed only half a mile away. Currently, the Torre Pemex is the third tallest building in Mexico, and the second tallest in Mexico City. The tower is currently occupied by approximately 7,000 Pemex employees.

On 19 September 1985, the tower withstood a magnitude 8.1 earthquake, as well as other strong earthquakes that commonly strike Mexico City. The building was designed to withstand an earthquake of 8.5 on the Richter scale.

January 2013 explosion[edit]

On January 31, 2013, a powerful explosion rocked the tower, claiming 37 lives and injuring approximately 126. The explosion is believed to have occurred in the basement of the building's link to an adjacent building (which took the most damage). A gas leak and following accumulation ignited by sparks is believed to be the cause of the explosion. Employees said that the Torre Ejecutiva swayed and vibrated for a few seconds.[2]

Torre Pemex at night


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