Torre Europa (Madrid)

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Torre Europa
Torre Europa (Madrid).JPG
General information
Status Complete
Type Office
Location Pº de la Castellana 95 Madrid, Spain
Coordinates 40°27′6″N 3°41′30″W / 40.45167°N 3.69167°W / 40.45167; -3.69167Coordinates: 40°27′6″N 3°41′30″W / 40.45167°N 3.69167°W / 40.45167; -3.69167
Construction started 1975
Completed 1985
Owner Caja Madrid
Roof 121 m (397 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 30
Design and construction
Architect Miguel Oriol e Ybarra
Main contractor Necso

The Torre Europa is a skyscraper built by Necso in the AZCA complex in Madrid, Spain. It is 121 metres (397 ft) high and has 30 floors.[1]

Detail of the facade


Completed in 1985, it was designed by Miguel Oriol e Ybarra and built by Necso.[2] The terrorist organization ETA threatened to destroy the building on 1 May 2002 with 20 kilograms (44 lb) of high explosive.[3]

In fiction[edit]

The outdoor scenes of the 2005 film El método were shot by Torre Europa.


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