Torre da TV Bandeirantes

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Torre Maria Helena Mendes de Barros Saad
Torre da TV Bandeirantes aérea.jpg
Coordinates 23°33′20″S 46°39′56″W / 23.55556°S 46.66556°W / -23.55556; -46.66556Coordinates: 23°33′20″S 46°39′56″W / 23.55556°S 46.66556°W / -23.55556; -46.66556
Location Rua Minas Gerais, 454
São Paulo, Brazil
Height 212 m
Beginning date 1992
Completion date 1995

Torre Maria Helena Mendes de Barros Saad, Torre da TV Bandeirantes, or Torre da Band is a 212 meter high lattice tower near Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil.

The tower is privately owned by Brazilian television network Rede Bandeirantes and is not accessible to the public. It was completed in 1997 and it is one of the tallest freestanding towers in South America.[1]

Illuminated with light emitting diodes (LED) since 2011, the Bandeirantes Tower can be seen on the horizon at night from a large section of the city.[1]

The Bandeirantes Tower was the tallest structure in São Paulo until 2006, when the Rede Globo tower was completed at Alameda Santos, 680.[2]


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