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Ancient tribes of Corsica

The Torrean civilization was a civilization that developed in Corsica, in the area south of Ajaccio, during the second half of the 2nd millennium BC. The characteristic building of this culture is the "Torre" (Tower), the Corsican version of the Sardinian "Nuraghe", although the torri were smaller and less impressive than the nuraghes. According to some scholars the Nuragic civilization and the Torrean civilization were the same.

The Torrean people are probably identifiable with the Corsi, a people that lived in Corsica and north-east Sardinia during Roman times, described as one of the main ethnic group of the islands together with the Ilienses (Iliensi) or Iolei and the Balares (Balari) of Sardinia.

The Corsi were formed by several ancient tribes that dwelt in Corsica island: Belatones (Belatoni), Cervini, Cilebenses (Cilibensi), Cumanenses (Cumanesi), Licinini, Macrini, Opini, Subasani, Sumbri, Tarabeni, Titiani, Venacini.

In Sardinia island, in the far north-east, there were tribes that were also corsi: Corsi Proper (for whom Corsica is named), they dwelt at the extreme north-east of Sardinia; Lestricones/Lestrigones (Lestriconi/Lestrigoni); Longonenses (Longonensi); Tibulati, they dwelt at the extreme north of Sardinia, about the ancient city of Tibula, near the Corsi.


One of the main sites of the pre-Torrean and Torrean period is that of Filitosa. Other important sites include:



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