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Torrens Transit

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Torrens Transit
An Australian Bus Manufacturing bodied MAN NL232, July 2016
ParentTransit Systems
Founded23 April 2000
HeadquartersMile End
Service areaAdelaide
Service typeBus services
AllianceAdelaide Metro
Depots12 (March 2021)
Fleet903 (March 2021)
Chief executiveClint Feuerherdt
WebsiteTorrens Transit

Torrens Transit is an Australian bus service operator in Adelaide. It operates some services as part of the Adelaide Metro network under contract to the Government of South Australia. It is a subsidiary of Transit Systems, which is a part of the Kelsian Group.


An Australian Bus Manufacturing bodied MAN NL202 on Currie Street, June 2014

In April 2000, Torrens Transit began operating the Adelaide Metro East–West contract, with 255 buses under contract to the Government of South Australia.[1][2][3]

In April 2005, Torrens Transit began operating the North–South and Outer North East contracts that had previously been run by Serco.[4][5]

In July 2011, Torrens Transit began operating a new eight-year East–West contract, with an optional four-year extension exercisable based on performance criteria.[6] The North–South and Outer North East area contracts passed to Light-City Buses in October 2011.[7][8]

In April 2013, Light-City Buses was stripped of eight routes for continued poor performance, with these being returned to Torrens Transit.[9][10][11]

In November 2014, Torrens Transit began operating a new service between the CBD and Adelaide Airport with a double deck Bustech CDi.[12]

In June 2018, the Light-City Buses business was integrated with Torrens Transit, following Transit Systems purchasing it from Broadspectrum, doubling the fleet to 700 buses.[13][14][15] This marked the return of Light-City routes to Torrens Transit after seven years.

In July 2020, Torrens Transit retained its East West, Outer North East and North South contracts, and took over the Outer North contract from SouthLink. All four bus contracts will run for 8 years. Its North–South contract was expanded to include the Glenelg tram line and is operated by Torrens Connect, a joint venture between Torrens Transit, UGL Rail and John Holland.[16][17][18]


As at October 2023, the fleet consisted of 821 buses.[19] Buses are painted in Adelaide Metro liveries v1, v2, New, Hybrid, and sometimes in All Over Advertising. In 2000 Torrens Transit inherited a fleet of Dennis Dart, MAN NL202, MAN SL202, Volvo B58 articulated and Volvo B59s from TransAdelaide.[20]

Their fleet currently consists of the following:

  • Bustech - Precision Buses 'XDi'
  • SLF Designline SLF - 'Olympbus'
  • FTH12 Hydrogen City Bus - Foton
  • Hino Poncho HX - Hino
  • Iveco Metro C260 - Custom 'CB80'
  • MAN 18.260 - Custom Coaches 'CB60'
  • MAN 18.280 HOCL-NL - ABM 'CB64A'
  • MAN NL202 CNG - ABM '160'
  • MAN NL202 CNG - ABM 'CB62A'
  • MAN NL232 CNG - ABM 'CB62A'
  • Mercedes-Benz O405NH - Custom Coaches 'CB60'
  • Mercedes-Benz O405NH - O-Bahn ABM 'CB60A'
  • Mercedes-Benz O500LE - Volgren 'CR228L'
  • Scania K230UB - Custom 'CB80'
  • Scania K230UB - Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II'
  • Scania K230UB O-Bahn - Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II’,
  • Scania K280UB - Custom 'CB80',
  • Scania K280UB - Volgren 'CR228L'
  • Scania K280UB O-Bahn - Custom 'CB80'
  • Scania K310UA - Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II'
  • Scania K320CB - BusTech (SA) 'VST'
  • Scania K320UA - Custom 'CB80'
  • Scania K320UA - Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II
  • Scania K320UA O-Bahn - Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II'
  • Scania K320UB - BusTech (SA) 'VST'
  • Scania K320UB - Bustech 'VST'
  • Scania K320UB - Custom 'CB80 Series 2'
  • Scania K320UB - Custom 'CB80'
  • Scania K320UB Hybrid - BusTech (SA) 'VST'
  • Scania K320UB Hybrid O-Bahn - BusTech (SA) 'VST'
  • Scania K320UB O-Bahn - Custom 'CB80 Series 2'
  • Scania K360UA - BusTech (SA) 'VST-A'
  • Scania K360UA - Custom 'CB80'
  • Scania K360UA - Custom Bus 'CB80'
  • Scania K360UA O-Bahn - BusTech (SA) 'VST-A’
  • Scania K360UA O-Bahn - Custom 'CB80’,
  • Scania K360UA O-Bahn - Custom Bus 'CB80'
  • Scania L94UA - Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo'
  • Scania L94UA - Volgren 'CR224L'
  • Scania L94UB - Custom Coaches 'CB60A'
  • Scania L94UB CNG - Custom Coaches 'CB60A’
  • Scania N280UB - Custom 'CB80'
  • Volvo B10BLE - Volgren 'CR222L'
  • Volvo B5RLEH - Volgren ‘CR228L’


Torrens Transit operates seven depots in Mile End, Newton, Edinburgh North, Port Adelaide, Morphettville, St Agnes and Glengowrie. They also used to run out of Wingfield.


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