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TorrentPier Screenshot.png
Original author(s)Meithar
Initial releaseApril 4, 2005 (2005-04-04)
Stable release
2.2.0 / June 12, 2017 (2017-06-12)
Written inPHP
Available inEnglish, Russian, Ukrainian and 38 more
TypeBitTorrent tracker

TorrentPier is a BitTorrent-tracker engine (primarily Russian-speaking) based on phpBB2. It is mainly used by Russian users, because of its use by the bittorrent tracker

The engine is completely written in PHP, including announcer. The organisation principle is torrent → topic, that is each torrent is linked to a single topic on a forum. Torrent file is uploaded to the first message of a topic by the author, and then torrent is registered at the tracker. The tracker part of the engine is tightly integrated into the forum part, and it uses separate tables in the database, so it is possible to separate the tracker part (announcer) and make it work, for example, on a separate server.

At the moment there is an alternative version of announcer based on XBT Tracker written in C++.

History of creation[edit]

First version[edit]

Starting the development of the engine coincides with the opening of the largest Russian-speaking torrent tracker (now — September 18, 2004 — which still uses it, though with large improvements. Meithar is a founder of the project.

Torrent Pier 2.00 is currently in development.

Second version[edit]

The next stage of development and the engine was opened in June 2011. Russian programmers Exile and _Xz_ created a new forum for support and development of a new version of the engine - TorrentPier.Me.
SVN repository of the new engine (codenamed TorrentPier II) is available here -

Reason was the development team split due to differences in the vision of development, as well as reluctance to cooperate with Pandora on the ethical and ideological reasons.

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