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Torrent Project
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Current statusOffline
Not to be confused with the Wikipedia Torrent Project

The Torrent Project or Torrent Search Project was a metasearch engine for torrent files, which consolidates links from other popular torrent hosting pages such as ExtraTorrent.[1] It has been suggested as an alternative for the now closed site and KickassTorrents,[2] and its index includes over 8 million torrent files, and has been said to have a very clean, simple interface.[3] Beyond allowing torrent files of popular films it also carries self-produced content.[4] The URL was part of a 2014 United Kingdom High Court decision, which ordered it to be blocked.[5] It has an API that allows the search function to be integrated into applications,[6] and the news-site TorrentFreak has suggested that allow streaming in the future,[7] and it has adopted the Torrents Time plugin.[8]

The site been down since 4 Sep 2017.[9] It is not clear whether TorrentProject will return or if it has permanently shut down.[10]


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