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Web address
Commercial? No
Type of site
Torrent search engine, magnet links provider
Available in English
Launched August 26, 2010; 4 years ago (2010-08-26)
Alexa rank
negative increase 11220 (January 2014)[1]
Current status Online

TorrentProject is a search engine for BitTorrent files. It indexes only publicly tracked torrents from various sources including the BitTorrent DHT bittorrent network and offers compilations of various trackers per torrent in magnet links that are not necessarily present in the original .torrent file, so that when a tracker is down, other trackers can be used to retrieve peer data. TorrentProject was probably the first torrent search engine to allow by default search inside the files of a torrent not only by torrent title.[2][3] In 2012 the site has been used by researchers of CERT Polska (Computer Emergency Response Team) to detect an anomaly in the μTorrent network.[4][5]


The user interface is simple and minimal. The site doesn't have a users database, but allows users to comment anonymously on torrent content.

Web search query can be performed in a simple or an advanced way and the list of results can be filtered by age, size, date, download speed, media type and by "safety" (adult content).

Advanced Usage[edit]

The site allows programmers to use REST API for free in their applications and retrieve data about .torrent files in various ways (json, xml and text).[6][7]

Multi-tracker index[edit]

A multilingual torrent metasearch in a subdomain[8] is included, which allows users to search many popular search engines with ease. A search addon[9] is available.


Due to the fact that the site is indexing automatically a large amount of the torrents that exists in the dht-bittorrent network, many of the files could be fakes or executable files may be bind with viruses.

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