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Initial release February 2, 2016; 2 years ago (2016-02-02)
Operating system Windows, Mac

Torrents-Time is a browser plugin that allows websites to have the same functionality as the popular Popcorn Time program, without requiring the client to download an application.[1] Released 2 February 2016,[2] sites such as The Pirate Bay and the now defunct KickassTorrents others supported the plugin within days, allowing for in-browser streaming of popular videos.[3][4] Only two weeks into its history it was attacked by anti-piracy groups on a number of grounds.[5] The security of the plugin has been questioned, especially its reliance on cross-origin resource sharing and parts of its javascript implementation which could end up compromising a target computer and stealing information about the source.[6][7] However, the Torrents-Time team claims these fears are exaggerations and based "half-truths".[7]

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