Torres Gemelas

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Torres Gemelas (English: "Twin Towers") is a viral video that launched the career of singer Delfin Quishpe. The song is a modern lament for the deaths of thousands, including a dear friend of Quishpe in the September 11 attacks.


In the video Quishpe flips on the television as he sits down on a couch. The news of the Terrorist attacks on New York comes onto the screen. Quishpe rises to his feet crying "No puede ser, nooo..." (Eng.:"This cannot be, nooo...) then segues into song.[1]


In 2006, "Torres Gemelas" was released. While the song is tragic in nature, the subject matter being Delfin losing a loved one in the terrorist attack of 9/11, the whimsical and kitschy nature of the song as well as the poor acting in the music video has made this song a bit of an internet meme.

The video was a viral success, receiving millions of views.[2][3]

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