Torronsuo National Park

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Torronsuo National Park (Torronsuon kansallispuisto)
Protected area
Torronsuo National Park.jpg
Torronsuo National Park in spring 2005
Country Finland
Region Tavastia Proper
Location Tammela
 - coordinates 60°44′N 023°37′E / 60.733°N 23.617°E / 60.733; 23.617Coordinates: 60°44′N 023°37′E / 60.733°N 23.617°E / 60.733; 23.617
Area 25.5 km2 (10 sq mi)
Biome ombrotrophic raised bog
Established 1990
Management Metsähallitus
Visitation 20,500 (2009[1])
IUCN category II - National Park
Torronsuo National Park is located in Finland
Torronsuo National Park
Location in Finland

Torronsuo National Park (Finnish: Torronsuon kansallispuisto) is a national park in the Tavastia Proper region of Finland. Even before its declaration as a national park in 1990, the near-natural state swamp area was a protected area. Its area is 25.5 square kilometres (9.85 sq mi).

The park area is a typical ombrotrophic raised bog – a thick turf layer with its middle part raising above its edges. The turf layer is one of the thickest measured among Finnish bogs, locally extending to 12 metres (39 ft).

Torronsuo is valuable for its birdlife and butterfly species. Roughly a hundred species nest in the area. Part of the birds and insects are species that typically live in the northern areas, and they aren't seen much elsewhere in southern Finland.

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