Torsten Amft

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Torsten Amft
German fashion designer amft.jpg
German fashion designer & artist Torsten Amft
Born (1971-01-14) 14 January 1971 (age 47)
Leipzig, Germany
Nationality Flag of Germany.svg German
Label(s) Torsten Amft Haute Couture, AMFT
Awards Lexton Fashion Award 2000 NYC

Torsten Amft (born 14 January 1971 in Leipzig, Germany) is a German fashion designer and artist.


Torsten Amft has lived and worked in Berlin (headquarters) since 1991. He studied fashion design in Zurich (Switzerland) and started masterwork with Ernesto Aligieri in Rome (Italy). In 2000, Amft won the "Lexton" fashion award in New York City. Many celebrities (such as Montell Jordan, Holly Johnson and Bryan Adams) love his clothes and style. Amft founded the style of "Elitist Futurism" and created its worldwide presence. Before Amft designed dresses, he was a model for Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts and Gianni Versace. He is currently[when?] the Creative Director of the Amft fashion labels.


His legally protected label (brand) is also his signature. He creates high-quality fashion for men and women. His single creations (Haute Couture) run under the proper name Torsten Amft, while the ready-to-wear collection line runs under the name Amft fashion. The brand label AMFT is administered by international investors.


Twice a year, Amft organizes trend-shows for international clothing purchasers. His trend-shows during the fashion week often takes place in Berlin, to strengthen it as a fashion- and trend location.

His trend collection always stands for social critique. For example, his collection premiere 2007/08 featured the slogan, "collateral climate". He is one of the first artists to deal with the hot topic of global warming. During his last trend-show in Spring/Summer 2008, after the G8 summit, he chose the topic Africa (African natural resources against death). The entire collection was equipped with African products. One year later, to the Berlin Fashion Week (collection premier Spring/Summer 2009, Amft presented as the first fashion designer solar clothes for external power supply, such as for mobile phones and iPods.[1]


For several years, Torsten Amft has been the artistic host of Europe's largest open-air fashion event, the "Global Fashion Festival". Amft is known for the largest runway models with the longest legs of the world.[2]


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